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Have Fun

Most companies try to keep work and play separate concepts that should not mix. The Alliance is very different – we try to make everything we do as fun as possible.

For example, our corporate conventions not only feature amazing training from experts in the industry – you’ll also see uplifting musical performances, motivational speeches that will make you laugh and cry, award ceremonies that are red carpet events and after parties that will make you feel like a celebrity.

We also have HotSpot meetings across the country each week where you can discuss your struggles and successes with other agents and get training you need without any boring lectures.

But we have the most fun on all-expense paid vacations to places like Fiji, Aruba, Canada and Mexico. We’ve even taken cruises to the Bahamas and the Greek Isles! Our agents have the chance to earn one of these trips EACH YEAR. The accommodations and food are always top-notch and you even have the opportunity to bring friends and family members along with you!

If you’re ready to forget your boring job and have some fun, give us a call today at 469-645-1760 or fill out our application online. We can’t wait to hear from you!